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摘要:全球数字(加密)资产券商BitDATA正式宣布与全球唯一一家涉及加密币的金融机构韦氏评级建立全面战略合作关系。BitDATA, a global cryptocurrency and digital asset platform


BitDATA, a global cryptocurrency and digital asset platform, is delighted to announce a comprehensive strategic partnership with Weiss Ratings, the world’s only financial rating agency that covers cryptocurrencies.

通过此项合作协议,BitDATA与韦氏评级加强如下合作:一站式链上智能数字资产聚合交易平台、Weiss Crypto Price Indexes、深度货币分析等业务;韦氏评级使用BitDATA的全球实时交易数据进行研究和以及网路信息发布,并且韦氏评级���ɽ����ɭ�ֹ�԰授权BitDATA为大中华区第一家发布韦氏评级新闻的公司。

Thanks to this new partnership agreement, BitDATA will enhance its already-robust, one-stop trading platform for digital assets with the widely-acclaimed Weiss Crypto Ratings, Weiss Crypto Price Indexes, and in-depth coin reviews; Weiss Ratings will take advantage of BitDATA’s globally aggregated real-time trading data for its research and website; and Weiss Ratings authorizes BitDATA to be the first cryptocurrency exchange to release any new Weiss Ratings crypto products in the Greater China region.


Both sides are fully committed to providing first-class professional services to their customers in the broad crypto marketplace.


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